After 6 Years of College and University, This is The Best Damn Student Advice I Have

After 6 Years of College and University, This is The Best Damn Student Advice I Have

I went to post-secondary school for six years. One year short of Van Wilder.

In the end, I ambled across two stages to grab an honours bachelor degree and an advanced diploma. Some expensive, yet worthwhile pieces of paper. During my time in both university and college, I was the editor for my school’s respective magazines. I also worked part-time jobs while holding down full course loads.

Out of those six years, here’s what I learned. Write it down.

Don’t Go to School Because Your Parents Say So. Go Because You Want To.

Understatement of the year: school is bloody expensive. School is also a massive time commitment. If you’re in a program that isn’t going help you reach your career goals, re-assess. Take a Gap Year. Get a part-time job until you find the program and school that will make both you and your parents happy. In the end, you gotta give a damn. School will be punishment if not.

Fail Forward

You’re going to fail. You’re going to botch an assignment. The Wright Brothers nearly killed themselves before finally taking flight. You need to turn those failures into lessons. Don’t freak out when you get a shit grade, simply reassess why and how you’re going to ensure you don’t make the same mistake in the future.

Procrastination is like Masturbation

In the end, you’re just screwing yourself. Plan accordingly.

Follow the Damn Syllabus for Real

Common sense 101 that seems to go out the window for most. The prof has told you what they need, by when, and how much it’s worth of your grade. This is your bible. Follow it.

Go Party! No, Seriously, Party. You Need to Blow Off Steam.

School is stressful. It’s tiresome. You need to push school to the wayside from time to time and let go. Not like puking in your friend’s sink, but taking your mind away from the books.

School, in the End, Is All About Balance

I worked for the school magazine and at the local bar while balancing a full course load. Sure, I was busy, but not insanely so. It just came down to balancing my social life with school. Once you perfect this balance, you’re unstoppable. Trust.

Ryan Bolton

Ryan Bolton

Ryan Bolton is the Director of Communications (aka. Guy That Plays With Words) at Student Life Network. He has a beard that can nest a family of sparrows. And a dog—Hank—that has a slight attitude problem.